Fishing bag UNI CAT Rig and Clonk Wallet

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Uni Cat
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Branded bag for equipment used in catfish fishing for a quack from a boat. In this bag you can place everything you need to lure a trophy mustache from its hiding place during many hours of hunting. There is room for eight handles - four in each of the two main compartments, which are separated by a strong solid wall. solid EVA boards have grooves on which you can wind the necessary leashes, shock leaders, etc. for such fishing.

On the front of the bag there is a large pocket in which you can place a box for tackle and small accessories. Ideally, this pocket holds a plastic box with many cells Anaconda Tackle Chest Large.

A sturdy handle and a removable, well-packed, soft and comfortable shoulder strap complement the features of this wonderful catfish bag.

  • Material: heavy waterproof PVC that is easy and good to clean.
  • The bag comes without clonks.
  • Uni Cat clonks can be ordered for a fee.

Characteristics of the bag
Type Fishing bag
Appointment Catfish fishing
Dimensions 50 x 35 x 23 сm
The size of the front pocket 35 x 26 x 7 сm
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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