Uni Cat Vencata V-Shot 193 cm 210 g

Uni Cat Vencata V-Shot 193 cm 210 g

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Uni Cat
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  • Uni Cat Vencata V-Shot 193 cm 210 g


Uni Cat Vencata V-Shot - spinning fishing rods for catfish. They combine sensitivity, elegance and extraordinary power with a huge reserve of strength. This allows us to get from the Uni Cat Vencata V-Shot the feelings we love in spinning fishing: mobility, sensor, lure control. At the same time, the fishing rods have huge reserves for a worthy meeting with the most massive representative of the ichthyofauna of our water bodies - the catfish. Blanks are made of high-carbon carbon 30T. Installed SIC rings of 6 + 1. The design of the roller bearings is interesting: they have two fixing nuts at the top and bottom, which allows perfectly to balance the rod for any weight of the coil. Of course, they are completely metallic. Speaking of coils, it should be noted that these fishing rods have the ability to install both inertial and multiplier coils.

  • Material Carbon 30T
  • 6 + 1 rings SIC Guides K-Type
  •  Long handles with EVA coating
  •  Metal spool bearing with a possibility of balancing the coil
  • Compatible with non-inertial and multiplier coils
Rods parameters
Type : spinning-catfish-sea
Length ( см ) : 193
Test ( gr. ) : 210
Body material : Carbon 30T
Handholder material : EVA
Ring type : SIC type-K
Sections number : 1
Transporting length ( cm. ) : 193
Weighth : 285
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