Braid WFT First Eight Mint 0.18mm 17kg 150m

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1D-C 270-018
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  • Braid WFT First Eight Mint 0.18mm 17kg 150m

WFT First 8 KG - 8-core braided cord of a premium class from NVMPE fibers of the Japanese firm Dynema NIPPLON. The modern, with touch control German weaving machines guarantee dense weaving and absolutely uniform stretching of veins. 8-core cord! Its unique properties are its softness and, at the same time, extraordinary strength at the knots, which allows even the lightest baits to be thrown over very long distances! WFT First 8 KG silently passes through the rings! This is facilitated by a coating of a fundamentally new gel with a thickness of 0.001 mm, which increases the smoothness of the cord and its resistance to abrasion without compromising its mechanical properties, and thanks to which the cord does not absorb water.

Thread parameters
Type: Braid
Fibers: Dynema NIPPLON
Кількість жил: 8
Diametr (mm): 0.18
Tensile load (kg): 17
Speciall: Gel coating
Color: Mint
Довжина (м): 150
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Sinning fishing
State manufacturer : Taiwan
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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