Monotextile cord WFT GLISS 3KG Monotex chartreuse 0.08mm 150m

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  • Monotextile cord WFT GLISS 3KG Monotex chartreuse 0.08mm 150m

WFT Gliss KG Monotex is a cord from the German company WFT, the mechanical properties of which are very similar to a monofilament vein. However, its breaking load is 4 times greater than that of a monofilament!

WFT GLISS KG is very stable along the entire length and has unsurpassed strength at the knots, fits perfectly on the spool and creates a perfect winding contour after each throw. Record throwing distances, which can be easily achieved with the WFT GLISS KG cord, exceed the results of conventional cords by 25-30 percent!

Technologically, WFT Gliss KG is made in a fundamentally different way than braided cords - by the method of parallel soldering of HMPE FIBER fibers made in JAPAN. allows you to make very long throws. Sliding on the rings of the WFT Gliss cord is silent, it almost does not absorb water, fits perfectly on the spool and is infinitely resistant to UV rays, that is, does not lose the brightness of its color. As a result of computer-optimized production, WFT GLISS KG has fully complied with the declared technical data.

Recommended for those spinners for whom the range of the bait is very important. In such cases, WFT Gliss KG is simply unsurpassed!

WFT GLISS KG will successfully replace the monofilament for all types of fishing, even in the thinnest diameters.

Thread parameters
Type: Monotextile cord
Fibers: HMPE
Diametr (mm): 0.08
Tensile load (kg): 3
Speciall: Gel coating
Color: Chartreuse
Довжина (м): 150
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Spinning fishing
State manufacturer : Taiwan
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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