Braid WFT Silent Eingt 8 trans 0.18mm 23kg 150 m

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  • Braid WFT Silent Eingt 8 trans 0.18mm 23kg 150 m
WFT Silent Eingt 8 trans - extremely densely braided cord from 8 separate multifilament threads of Nippon Dyneema of the Japanese production. roundness, unprecedented strength at the nodes and exceptional abrasion resistance - in the end gave an extremely powerful braided cord with a small diameter. In addition, thanks to the latest nanotechnology, paint crystals are applied so that light is not reflected, but refracted, and almost completely scattered .It should be reminded that this effect occurs only when immersed in water - the deeper the immersion, the greater the scattering and less visibility for fish. . Silent trans is recommended for use in clean mountain lakes, reservoirs and small rivers, where very powerful and minimal visibility cords are especially needed to win the duel with a record specimen of a predator.
Thread parameters
Type: Braid
Fibers: Dynema NIPPLON
Кількість жил: 8
Diametr (mm): 0.18
Tensile load (kg): 23
Speciall: Invisible in water
Color: Trans
Довжина (м): 150
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Spinning fishing
State manufacturer : Taiwan
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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