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Since 1961, when the American company Penn introduced its first spinning reel on the market, the Sp..
PENN SURFBLASTER II 8000 - The reel is designed for long distances, both in marine and carp fishing..
The extremely robust, fully metallic reel of Ryobi AP Power is well suited for swordfish or for sea ..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу composite кількість підшипник..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу composite кількість підшипників 5+1 передавальне ..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу aluminium кількість підшипник..
Ryobi Turbo 20000 - a two-speed power coil. Designed for marine and squid fishing using heavy lures..
Saenger Sensitec Makrele - high-quality budget fishing rods from the German market. They are intende..
Shakespeare SEELACHS RIG whit 2 HOOK - a real hunter on sea monsters! Thanks to leaps of 115 lbs a..
The family of all-metal multipliers Shimano Tekota with a gear ratio of 4.2: 1 and a roller convey..
WFT Electra 550 PR Super High Power is a compact electromultiplier for deep-sea fishing on light ba..
$1 075,48
WFT Electra Bimotor in its class is the multiplier with the highest winding speed in the world. The..
WFT Electra Pro 700PR HP - the most popular coil in the WFT marine electric multipliers line. &..
WFT Electra Pro 700PR is a compact electric multiplier for deep-sea fishing with a jig-pulse functi..
The ELECTRA SUPER COMFORT 700PR HP coil combines strong retraction with new and convenient feat..
Carbon fiber fishing rods made specifically for deepwater fishing on the WFT Electra series. A sturd..
WFT Oceanic  - This is a series of high-end heavy-duty onboard runners. They will be great for..
Основні характеристики: Підшипників: 5 Місткість шпулі (м / мм): 380 / 0.40 Mono ─ 430 / 0.25 39KG..
The Penzill Seatrout II is an ideal rod for trout fishing (sea trout). A fast, but not too hard form..
WFT Prion Inline - Marine rod from the German company WFT. He does not have a classical passage ring..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу aluminium кількість підшипник..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу aluminium кількість підшипник..
A series of extremely durable, reliable and durable marine fishing rods. Made of carbon fiber, and..
WFT Voltera  -  нова недорога серія карбонових вудлищ для різних типів риболовлі:від спі..