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гальмо FD матеріал корпусу composite кількість підшипників 5+1 передавальне ..
гальмо FD матеріал корпусу aluminium кількість підшипник..
RYOBI Tana Surf 7000 - повністю металева котушка преміум-класу останнього покоління для прибійного л..
Ryobi Turbo 20000 - a two-speed power coil. Designed for marine and squid fishing using heavy lures..
Saenger Sensitec Makrele - high-quality budget fishing rods from the German market. They are intende..
Shakespeare SEELACHS RIG whit 2 HOOK - a real hunter on sea monsters! Thanks to leaps of 115 lbs a..
The family of all-metal multipliers Shimano Tekota with a gear ratio of 4.2: 1 and a roller convey..
A series of extremely durable, reliable and durable marine fishing rods. Made of carbon fiber, and..
This is a series of reliable on-board marine fishing rods. They are made of carbon fiber, and their ..
DEEP WATER 12WLH 2 SPEED is a marine multiplier for deep sea fishing and trolling. Thanks to a meta..
WFT Deep Water Light 'W' High Speed LC - Marine Multiplier for deep-sea fishing and trolling with a..
Electra 1200 PR HP Mission Red - the most powerful electric multiplier in the family WFT Electra. ..
WFT Electra 550 PR Super High Power is a compact electromultiplier for deep-sea fishing on light ba..
$1 075,48
WFT Electra Bimotor in its class is the multiplier with the highest winding speed in the world. The..
WFT Electra Pro 700PR HP - the most popular coil in the WFT marine electric multipliers line. &..
WFT Electra Pro 700PR is a compact electric multiplier for deep-sea fishing with a jig-pulse functi..
The ELECTRA SUPER COMFORT 700PR HP coil combines strong retraction with new and convenient feat..
WFT Load is a version of WFT Pro Salt reels. All technical and operational parameters are the same, ..
Extremely strong road rods, specially designed for extreme deep-sea fishing for large coils, includi..
WFT Oceanic  - This is a series of high-end heavy-duty onboard runners. They will be great for..
Основні характеристики: Підшипників: 5 Місткість шпулі (м / мм): 380 / 0.40 Mono ─ 430 / 0.25 39KG..
WFT Offshore LW LC - Marine Multiplier for fishing at high depths, complete with a fishing line up ..
The Penzill Seatrout II is an ideal rod for trout fishing (sea trout). A fast, but not too hard form..
WFT Prion Inline - Marine rod from the German company WFT. He does not have a classical passage ring..