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Aquantic Inliner Boat - a fishing rod from the German company Saenger. It does not have classic bal..
Aquantic M.P. Target - very fast and easy rod but it should not be underestimated - with reliabilit..
Aquantic Mackerel - A sturdy and rugged fishing tackle for Atlantic mackerel on ranchers and spacio..
Aquantic Power Boat - reliable fishing rod for fishing from the boat. His power makes it easy not t..
Aquantic Sea Picker - Marine fishing line for flounder with picker method. His weight is small, so c..
тип surf casting довжина 450 cm тест 100-250g матеріал Carbon руків'я ..
Saenger Sensitec Makrele - high-quality budget fishing rods from the German market. They are intende..
Carbon fiber fishing rods made specifically for deepwater fishing on the WFT Electra series. A sturd..
WFT Electra Speedjig SpezialruteThis name is given by a series of marine rods, which are specially d..
WFT Oceanic  - This is a series of high-end heavy-duty onboard runners. They will be great for..
The Penzill Seatrout II is an ideal rod for trout fishing (sea trout). A fast, but not too hard form..
WFT Prion Inline - Marine rod from the German company WFT. He does not have a classical passage ring..
A series of extremely durable, reliable and durable marine fishing rods. Made of carbon fiber, and..
WFT Voltera  -  нова недорога серія карбонових вудлищ для різних типів риболовлі:від спі..