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Rod - the main part of a fishing rod, or spinning.Modern rods are made from materials based on carbon or fiberglass. The first is usually called carbon, the second one is fiberglass, or glass-plastic. For a combination of carbon fiber, glass fiber, epoxy paint and other applications, the universal term '' composite '' is used.Almost all manufacturers represent their fishing rod produced on the basis of two types of materials - fiberglass, or carbon fibers (graphite, carbon, etc.) and many variants of combinations of the use of these materials.

тип spin довжина 300 cm тест 10-30 gr матеріал Fiberglass руків'я EVA..
тип bolo довжина 500 cm тест - матеріал Carbon руків'я - тип кіл..
Cormoran Bull Fighter MH Feeder 3.60m 40-120g - вудлище з вуглепластику.Тонкий бланк має значну поту..
Spinings i-COR 2 - the perfect combination of high-density composite "High Density Glassfiber Comp..
Cormoran Red Master UL 2.10m 1-9g - сучасний спінінг з чутливою вершинкою для лову на найдрібніші пр..
DOIYO Daikon - top spinning from the german market. The highly modular 30T + 40T form of ultrafast s..
DOIYO Goza a large line of spinnings with an unusual design and outstanding characteristics. They ar..
The new Doiyo Goza rifles not only look unique but also perfectly arranged from materials and fittin..
DOIYO Ninjin high-class spinning from the German company Saenger. Made from high modulus carbon 30T ..
DOIYO Yujin - Spinning for the German market from Saenger. The carbon fiber blanket is equipped with..
тип jig довжина 213 cm тест 2-12 gr матеріал Carbon руків'я Cork ..
тип jig довжина 230 cm тест 1-7 gr матеріал Carbon руків'я Cork ..
Carbon fiber fishing rods made specifically for deepwater fishing on the WFT Electra series. A sturd..
Carbon fiber fishing rods made specifically for deepwater fishing on the WFT Electra series. A sturd..
GRAUVELL JINZA MITRA 602 - a short ultralight spinning for fishing in urban rivers and canals (Urb..
Jinza Shibui 702 L - fast spinning for jig and twitching. High Modulus Carbon is equipped with exp..
Teklon Rock Fishing 702 UL T is the best ultraviolet rod in the company's Grauvell offer. The UP G..
Grauvell Vorteks Onyx is a premium-class product for professionals from the Spanish company Gr..
Vorteks Sekret - a series of carp fishing rods in the program of the Spanish company Grauvell, mad..
Iron Claw Apace - Lightweight spinning rods that have proven best in catching small rivers, canals, ..
Iron Trout Vibra SL - а classic fishing trout fishing rod using the trivarele method. The live ridge..
тип feeder довжина 390 cm тест 30-70 gr матеріал Carbon Comp. руків'я ..
тип jig довжина 210 cm тест 3-14 gr матеріал Carbon Comp. руків'я Cor..
тип jig довжина 420 cm тест 3-14 gr матеріал Carbon руків'я Cork ..