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One of the main components of the fishing rod is a coil, which serves for storing and winding the fishing line and facilitates weighting fish. Using a coil mounted on a fishing line, you can throw a bait for a long distance. Fishing coils are of two types - inertial and non-inertial. Inertia coils appeared a long time ago and in the days of the USSR were the only affordable fishing coil. The most popular were the simple 'Neva' and a little more complicated '' Kievskaya '', which had the regulation of free movement, which prevented the formation of 'beards'' at reproaches . These coils were used, mainly spinigists (including trolling), flypads and carp fishing enthusiasts.

Ambassadeur Revo 3 S - low profile multiplier coil in an aluminum housing under the right arm. Bron..
Універсальна котушка серії Cardinal 100i з переднім фрикційним гальмом. Модель підходить для різних ..
Котушка відмінної якості за помірну ціну.Видатна універсальність. Призначена для лову спінінговими л..
The non-inertial coil with rear friction brake has a double handle. This design allows you to achie..
The versatile, non-inertia reel with a rear friction brake was designed to achieve maximum performa..
Modern coil with excellent performance and excellent design, qualitatively executed in ultra-modern..
Anaconda Nighthawk DC-14000 - Anaconda Nighthawk DC-14000 - power and elegance in one bottle. Thank..
In this reel all the experience accumulated over the last decades in carp fishing is invested. Ana..
Anaconda PC52-LR-12000 - a reel for fishing on carp. Perfect for long casting. The worm gear provid..
Anaconda Peacemaker Fast Drag is a professional carp coil from the German market. In addition to th..
Anaconda Power Carp LC-14000 - made by professionals for professionals. This is a Big Pit coil with..
Anaconda Power Carp Runner is another Big Pit coil on the market. Like the famous Power Carp series..
  Tomahawk 12000 - carp coil, specially optimized for long distance fishing. To do this, a..
Tomahawk R is a carp coil of premium quality, similar to the Anaconda PC52R coil, but in a more tra..
Anaconda Virgin Runner 12000 is a Big Pit carp coil with a betrainer in a compact, sturdy casing. T..
Aquantic from the German company Saenger offers a huge selection of quality products for fisheries..
Two new models of “large” Aquantic BC Jig multipliers for greater reliability and endurance have a..
Випродуковано для американського ринку фірмою Ardent (США) Ardent Bolt є відмінною котушкою для в..
Universal reel from the Italian firm BARBETTA. The first friction, eight high-quality ball bearing..
гальмо RD матеріал корпусу Composite кількість підшипник..
гальмо RD матеріал корпусу Aluminium кількість підшипник..
Shimano Caius 151 A is a compact, versatile and robust low-profile multiplier for catching light ba..
гальмо RD матеріал корпусу Composite кількість підшипник..
гальмо RD матеріал корпусу Composite кількість підшипник..