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  • Ryobi Ecusima CD Sport 1000 Orange (Made for Germany)
Model 1D-A 837-010
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Ryobi Ecusima CD Sport 1000 Orange (Made for Germany)

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    CD SPORT is the original improved roller of the famous ECUSIMA series from RYOBI. Carbon Drag almost does not wear out, with an unbelievably low "Breakaway" that minimizes peak loads and unnecessary repetitive adjustments when withdrawn. The RYOBI ECUSIMA CD SPORT from the basic model differs not only from the new design with a bright corps of the highest quality composite, but also by the use of Japanese bearings and the best materials in the mechanism itself. The technical characteristics are the same as that of Ecusima and Ecusima CD Pro, but in addition to the improved and the soft stroke has a wrought metal handle with a EVA knob and no quick assembly mechanism. This innovation will be greatly appreciated by many fans of the reels of Ryobi Ecusima - the handle of this type more securely attaches to the sleeves of the main gear and prevents the possibility of blame The rejection of the backlash during operation, as is often the case with the quick assembly mechanism. The Ryobi Ecusima CD SPORT is especially smooth, a strong and reliable gearbox with brass and aluminum components. The Ryobi Flat Oscilation system provides an ideal fit for a conical spool for long-distance throws. The spool has a profiled rubber pad, which prevents the slip of any kind of cord. The titanium-coated handle is machined on a CNC machine. The head of elastic polyurethane foam is convenient at any time of year.

    - Waterproof Carbon Drag System Brake

    - 5 + 1 Precision Ball Bearing made of Stainless Steel

    - Sponge with a rubber gasket, which prevents the slip of the cord

    - Robust composite body

    - RYOBI Rotary Flat Oszillation

    - Aluminum folding handle

    - Instant anti-reverse

    - Protection from bracket return

    - CNC type handle with soft button

    Model: Ecusima CD Sport 1000 Orange

    Article number: 1D-A 837-010

    Volume m / mm: 130 / 0.20

    Transfer: 1: 5.1

    Winding in cm: 65

    Weight in g: 255

  • Specification
    Reels parameters
    Number of bearings: 5 + 1
    Body material: Composite
    Transition number: 5,1:1
    Brake system: Carbon Drag System
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