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  • WFT Electra Pro 700 Super Comfort
Model 1D-A 703-020
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WFT Electra Pro 700 Super Comfort

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    The ELECTRA SUPER COMFORT 700PR HP coil combines strong retraction

    with new and convenient features that emphasize the benefits of a series of WFT ELECTRA reels on the market.

    The FLIP type button for switching free running is easily controlled by the thumb of the right hand, which does not require interception of the fishing rod in the other hand.

    In the ELECTRA SUPER COMFORT 700 PR HP roller, the 0-max winding speed changes with the thumb on the left side, allowing you to react much faster in such circumstances as sharp changes in water depth and drift, gentle bite, or probability of touch. In this case, all actions are also performed with one hand and without intercepting a fishing rod.



    ─ aluminum case

    ─ the Japanese electric motor

    ─ 5 Japanese stainless steel ball bearings NSK

    ─ automatic fishing line builder

    ─ the mechanism of brass and steel

    ─ Flip switch FLIP type

    ─ saving data when you turn off the power for a short time

    ─ adjustment of the shoulder of the pen

    ─ meter up to 999 m

    ─ strong adjustable brake Carbon-Drag-System

    ─ Carbon brake discs


    Model: ELECTRA 700 PR HP Super Comfort

    Article number: 1D-A 703-020

    Capacity m / KG STRONG: 360m / 39KG; 480m / 32KG

    Transfer: 1: 3.7

    Intake for turning the handle in cm: 60

    Winding speed in m / min: 220

    Retraction force in kg: 24

    Weight in gr. : 810

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