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  • WFT Penzill Baitcast
  • WFT Penzill Baitcast
Model 1D-A 807-030
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WFT Penzill Baitcast

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    Penzil Baitcast from the German firm WFT is an incredibly lightweight beacasting coil and weighs only 185 grams. Only thanks to the use of magnesium in compression can achieve such a sensationally low weight. A total of 14 stainless steel bearings provide an ideal stroke - in the free running, the coil rotates indefinitely. In addition, the coil affects the quality of its processing. The rubberized double handle, an ergonomic brake lever, an ultra-sensitive, adjustable centrifugal brake with smooth work thanks to carbon fiber brake discs and instantly changing spools all make WFT Penzil Baitcast an uncompetitive low-profile multiplier on the market. For the implementation of the higher braking effort required, for example, during a jerkbayt catch, two teflon disks are applied to the WFT PENZILL Baitcast coil, which can replace factory carbon brake discs installed on the WFT Penzill Baitcast.WFT Penzill Baitcast is the perfect addition to WFT Penzill Baitcast fishing rods.


    • aluminum case

    • 13 + 1 ball bearings

    • A transmission ratio of 6.5: 1

    • aluminum main bobbin

    • The volume of the main spool is 330m / 0,20mm

    • aluminum spare spray mill

    • spare spool volume 220m / 0,20mm

    • Pen coil for left hand

    • weight 185 g

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