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  • WFT Electra Speedjig Spezialrute 2,35 m. 200-1000 g.
Model 1D-B 632-030
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WFT Electra Speedjig Spezialrute 2,35 m. 200-1000 g.

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    WFT Electra Speedjig Spezialrute
    This name is given by a series of marine rods, which are specially designed for work with electric wool series WFT Electra. Made of carbon fiber, these sturdy fishing rods specialize in deep sea fishing. Their balanced vertices transmit the most tender biting throughout the range of test scales, even when the sea is already hundreds of meters of cord. At the same time, these vertices easily withstand the load that the rod is exposed to when speeding the cord with an electric coil. It's not a simple blanket. At WFT Electra Speedjig Spezialrute, two-ring LTC rings (the strongest of the WFT rings) are installed, the coil holder is cut from a single piece of aluminum glory. The handle is long enough and covered with a strong, but elastic polyurethane foam. At the end of the handle there is a cross.
    WFT Electra Speedjig Spezialrute 2.35 m. 300-1600 g. - Strong sea rod with a sensitive vertex, specially developed for working with WFT Electra electric curtains. The presence of a cross is meant to catch this rod from the boat. Reliable and high-quality fishing rods easily withstands heavy loads during harvesting of very large fish.
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    Rods parameters
    Length 2,35 m.
    Test 300-1600 g.
    Ring type LTC
    Sections number 2
    Transporting length 1,55 m.
    Weighth 570 gr.
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